Application decommissioning made painless


Decommissioning a legacy application is always risky. What if you would need some data for an audit? What if you had to pull that old report? We all have been there.

IBM Optim would help your agency in structured decommissioning of your legacy applications. Audits, compliance, data security & more – we have it all covered. You can still query and report your data for all regulatory requirements.


With huge amount of data, there is always a worry that things may come to a full-stop, system may crawl, hours will become unproductive and used in getting the system ‘up’.

IBM Optim prevents these by applying archival and compliance techniques, removing system ‘freeze’ and establishing sub-setting through a combination of well-established thresholds.

At ZAG, we utilize universally accepted practices to enable data privacy, and help mask sensitive data, encrypt data real-time, and redact output as required through IBM OPTIM. This coupled with the expertise gained out of implementations across media, financial services, CPG, Professional Service firms, over the last 20+ years, ensures your data is safe and secure.

The practice of maintaining an exclusion list of applications that cannot be patched is a well intentioned attempt which is highly risk prone. The applications are usually maintained for compliance needs and the maintenance costs for these applications often run into 10s of thousands of dollars per year. This is an unnecessary additional cost.

The answer to all this is a structured decommissioning through IBM Optim.


InfoSeek is a ZAG solution that will de risk and enhance the structured decommissioning approach further by providing an intuitive UI for accessing the decommissioned data from Optim Archive Files in a secure fashion.

This user friendly customizable application also provides certain canned queries for large applications like PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, JD Edwards and Siebel.

Features of Infoseek:

  • Multiple level drill down on the result set
  • Search by more than one parameter for a keyword
  • Download / export results into PDF or Excel
  • Run reports on schedule with automated emails
  • Pre-configured reports for packaged apps such as Oracle ebusiness, PeopleSoft, JDE, Lawson
  • Interactive Filter on the result set
  • Role based user and access level security


  • Security module with full administration capabilities to give role-based access
  • Low cost archive data reporting and maintenance
  • Reporting Ease of Use -No SQL expertise required for end-users
  • Zero client-side software
  • Works with archive files through Optim Connect
  • Light foot print LAMP/WAMP architecture
  • Faster application retirement timeframes
  • Eliminates the need for effort intensive report creation

Case Study

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. With more than 110,000 employees, approximately 380 production sites worldwide BASF serve customers and partners in almost all countries of the world. In 2012, BASF posted sales of €72.1B

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We selected ZAG for their deep experience

In addition to a fast and cost-effective deployment of the NetSuite solution, ZAG continues to provide highly responsive ongoing services to enhance our capabilities and has helped us fill essential roles with their expert resources.

Nathalie Piquionne

ZAG did an excellent job for us

As a result of my experience, I would highly recommend them for any systems project

Robert Damon

ZAG leadership has great vision and execution

It has been a pleasure to work with them over the years because they are focused on client satisfaction and always deliver stellar outcomes.

Jim Lee

I would be happy to work with ZAG in the future.

ZAG cultivates and attracts talent, and that is one of their great differentiators. The team is also of exceptionally high integrity, and has honored commitments in situations where others would have pulled out fine print

George Sabini