During the last 40 years, Gladson has seen many industry changes. Through all of them, their focus has remained on how best to provide the most accurate information that will help their customers enable their shoppers make purchasing decisions more efficiently. This is the core of what Gladson does. From delivering in-store optimization or product libraries to fuel e-commerce to brand asset and space management, Gladson serves the consumer and durable goods industry.

The Gladson commitment is ‘to be ahead of the curve’, by addressing those change as they affect the companies they service. The focus remains on the forefront of delivering the most comprehensive, omni-channel technological solutions and human support services required to address the biggest challenges their clients face today. Gladson is that ‘bridge’ across the brand-retailer ecosystem.

Towards this end, Gladson embarked on a platform transformation initiative that would replace its Microsoft Dynamics SL system, integrate their Custom Order Management System & replace the Tax engine in 2017

Business Challenges
Gladson had a unique set of business requirements. Below were some

  • Integrated Financial System across its various services
  • Subscription & Ad-hoc billing with automated revenue recognition
  • Line-Level Sales Tax
  • Salesforce Integrated with Financial System for automated invoicing

The scope of the project was Financial Management, Consolidated Business Reporting, Segment Reporting & KPI Dashboards, Vertical Enhancements to include Various methods of Billing and Revenue Recognition, Automated Taxation, Dramatically enhanced User experience.

ZAG provided turnkey implementation services to ensure a successful implementation of NetSuite One World. The solution was deployed within 11 Weeks.

Results delivered to Gladson are as below:

  • 3 Month Implementation of NetSuite ERP
  • Single system of Financial record
  • Integrated financial system into a ‘Consolidation’ platform
  • Integrated Tax & Banking

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Case Study


December 19, 2017