The ‘Talent’ myth


The ‘Talent’ myth

The old tenets of Land, Labor, Capital, and Organization still holds good. However, one thing has come into prominence – LABOR. Talent wins easily, when it comes to winning the fight between success and failure.

The two questions that every entrepreneur is asking themselves is:

  1. Where is the Talent?
  2. How do I reach that Talent?

So, where is the talent?

  • Talent is buried in a hellish job, waiting to come out
  • Talent is flourishing somewhere you know, and in places you are not aware of
  • Talent is a ‘number’ within a large and bureaucratic organization
  • Talent is everywhere, but is shy to come out


And, how do I reach that Talent?

While the journey of identifying, recruiting, harnessing, and growing talent is the single most challenging one that you may embark on, it is still the simplest if you:

  • Know what you want
  • Go out there and communicate ‘why you exist’ and ‘what you are passionate about’
  • Establish an environment that is inclusive, energetic, and fosters creativity – and not be modest about it
  • Ensure that you are not the ‘brightest’ in the room

Myth Busted?