Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

In accordance with the stellar rise in corporate globalization, an organization needs to equip itself in order to cater to a worldwide market and to be able to provide services and solutions across the globe without any hassles. In the new age of fast-paced business, a mobile workforce plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth workflow across all the locations.

A recent study conducted at CISCO has a definitive perception of how today’s mobile workforce looks like. Here is their classification:

1. Road Warriors – Resources who spend most of their time away, either at partner or customer locations
2. Campus Mobile – Resources who spend a significant amount of their time away from their desks, mobile within the campus
3. Corridor Cruisers – Resources who spend a fraction of their time away from their personal desks, inside the office
4. Field Force – Resources who spend most of their time outside the campus, usually moving to multiple sites
5. Tele Workers – Resources who mainly work from home, and need continuous heavy application access

These attributes are applicable to any organization. Apart from a few functions relegated to the desktop workspace with a chair and a PC, it is people on the move who execute core business functions.

As the importance of a mobile workforce increases in a constantly growing competition, it becomes imperative for organizations to cater to this constantly working for the population. Apart from offering the ease of business in diverse locations, a mobile workforce brings certain more advantages to a company, such as cost savings, reduced commute time, easier access to clients, and a better work-life balance.

While the deployment of a mobile workforce eases up the workflow, there appears the crucial challenge of managing such a workforce without any over-burdening costs and usual inconveniences that come due to its globally dispersed nature.

Imagine a system that allows the true mobility of a workforce by ensuring minimum cost expense and the maximum ease of executing business objectives.

ZAG offers solutions that cater to the following processes essential in managing a mobile workforce:

1. Time & Expense Entry
2. Travel Management
3. Self-Service Personal and Benefits Management
4. Analytics and dashboards
5. Exception Reporting
6. Resource Management
7. Approvals
8. Requisitioning and Procurement
9. Order Capture

Various studies indicate that as the outreach of businesses keeps transcending local boundaries and as the constantly improving connectivity and technology continues to make the workflow easier, the significance of a mobile workforce will only increase by leaps and bounds. This phenomenon presents the corporations with a chance to invest in their mobile workforce and capitalize on its immense potential.

ZAG has ushered in an optimized array of solutions that help agencies tap into this new opportunity that is sure to enhance the profitability of their business processes and ensure their outreach across any part of the globe, at any time.
Here’s to us, and to the future!