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Our track record includes great successes and of course, a lot of learnings from deploying business productivity solutions for agencies.

And yes, we are laser-focused on agencies.









$4.2 Bn




PIVOT – Focused on Agencies

Our Agency-centric solution that embraces continuous improvement and ensures you bridge the current and future trends.

For over 12 years, we have built Vertical platforms, implemented Off-the-Shelf Systems and have additionally supported world-leading as well as best-in-class industry solutions that span Finance, Revenue, Human Capital, Customer Experience, Media and Project Billing and Resource Management for Advertising agencies and Media firms .

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Solutions that enable migration to cloud based ERP applications. ZAG’s IBM OPTIM competency center ensures that legacy systems can be decommissioned seamlessly without loss of data.

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Placement and Resource Augmentation

We understand what skills your organization needs.

We specialize in staffing for : Media & advertising staffing and placements for pharma and life sciences. You got a staffing requirement? Tell us here?

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We selected ZAG for their deep experience

In addition to a fast and cost-effective deployment of the NetSuite solution, ZAG continues to provide highly responsive ongoing services to enhance our capabilities and has helped us fill essential roles with their expert resources.

Nathalie Piquionne - Global CFO, SelectWorld

ZAG did an excellent job for us

As a result of my experience, I would highly recommend them for any systems project

Robert Damon - CFO, KATZ Media

ZAG leadership has great vision and execution

It has been a pleasure to work with them over the years because they are focused on client satisfaction and always deliver stellar outcomes.

Jim Lee - VP-Product Line Management and Strategy, IBM

I would be happy to work with ZAG in the future.

ZAG cultivates and attracts talent, and that is one of their great differentiators. The team is also of exceptionally high integrity, and has honored commitments in situations where others would have pulled out fine print

George Sabini - Business Readiness Manager, JWT

The Big Four


ARC is our competency center and backbone. We deliver 3 transformational offerings through ARC

PIVOT is our Flagship product -A comprehensive agency-centric solution built on Netsuite. PIVOT embraces Continuous Improvement, and ensures that the current and the future trends are bridged, and agencies are never using antiquated software. Know more

HOOK Thought-Leadership that allows us to share insights thru publications, event speak, white-papers and industry research. Our consulting arm not only deploys PIVOT, but also implements 3rd party systems. Our methodology is built on, and draws from decades of proven track-record.

BOW Client Service, do we need to say more? We are equipped with and leverage people, process and technology to ensure that our solutions and consultative offerings are backed by tools that help accelerate deployments, ensure service quality and a fixed and realistic cost of ownership, and protect your Technology investment.

Conversations are worth a million Stories

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is”, a quote from Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit.

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Conversations are worth a million Stories

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is”, a quote from Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit.

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Conversations are worth a million Stories

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is”, a quote from Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit.Life is a series of conversations, those of which may never be recollected by any of us in great detail; but the highlights make its way thru a series of actions.

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Our Case Studies

Some of our case studies, from clients who used our services to drive their growth.

Our Advisors

By leveraging the knowledge of our advisors, we build effective solutions that help our clients meet its goals and retain its competitiveness.

Bruce Kratz
Vice President, R&D, Sparta Systems

Bruce Kratz is the Vice President of R&D at Sparta Systems, the leader in Enterprise Quality Management Systems. Mr. Kratz has a successful track record of leading enterprise software teams with 25 years of product development experience.

Dilip Keshu
CEO - BORN Group

Dilip Keshu is an entrepreneur who runs a private equity-backed ecommerce solutions company called BORN Group. BORN guides brands through the change that comes in the wake of the solocomo phenomenon.

Project and Client Profitability

Client profitability is essential in tracking the value exchange between both the Client and Agency. A good report will identify information to help optimize budgets, track project processes, identify areas for opportunity and eventually improve client profitability.

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PIVOT – Agency Management Solution

PIVOT is an extension of NetSuite tailored to suit the needs of Full-Service and Digital Agencies along with collective set of guidance, templates and, processes that helps you run your finance, production/billing, Human Capital, Payroll, Project Management and Travel & Expense functions

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The Sham of ‘Collective Experience’

Imagine working with a team of four which has one proficient resource and three gofers riding on the coattails on the sole expert. This is a very common scenario in a typical engagement.

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