Five Ways to Tell if Top-management is Ready to Upgrade Your ERP System

Five Ways to Tell if Top-management is Ready to Upgrade Your ERP System

In today’s marketplace, your business—regardless of its size or industry—deserves an effective ERP system. ERP software allows organization and integration across horizontal and vertical axes in virtually every line of business. This includes the ability to integrate information and communication across the areas of business management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, distribution, and sales. The effectiveness of even one of these elements can make or break a company today. Thankfully, with an effective ERP solution, all can be accessed and addressed simultaneously. So, if your company does not currently use an ERP solution, or is in need of an upgrade, how can you tell if management knows it’s time to make the move?

    1. An ERP Team is assembled. Smart businesses will create a special group dedicated to selecting an ERP solution. Keep an eye on special task forces in charge of important software-related decisions—especially those with higher-management staff and executives.
    2. Integration discussions. When a company is deciding to implement an ERP system, it is nearly 100% certain that they will list out all of the goals for the application. These important conversations around ERP goals signal an upcoming change. Your company is looking at what will be solved.
    3. Colleagues and outside consultants. What better way to get started on an ERP search than consulting colleagues. A solid practice is for management to consult internal team members and outside consultants about where to go for an ERP solution.
    4. Knowing the best. Once considering requirements around the size of your operation, the preferred database platform, and budgetary considerations, management should have the best solution in mind. At this point they’re ready to move forward with specific questions.
    5. ERP Conversations. Management will then contact vendors directly and select an effective ERP solution based on the entirety of their requirements.




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